Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Back from dinner.

We just got back from dinner for the SIL. She turned "30 something". I didn't ask the number and she didn't volunteer it. We went to a cantonese style seafood restaurant. The food was great. I can't turn down great food, so I stuffed myself silly. The topper was dessert in the form of sweet red bean soup, just like mom made. I had 2 bowls. But dang, literally 5 mins. after dessert,I got that funny feeling in my stomach. I'm sure you've all had that feeling. The feeling like your ass is going to burst with flaming hot shit at any second. I use my amazing kung-fu powers and held it all in until we got home. Once on the bowl, I told Aria that I needed some reading material and my wonderful child brought me one of her books to read. Then I told her that I had a tummy ache and she went and got her unicorn stuffed animal and told me to 'cuddle it on my tummy'. She's so smart!


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