Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Heat and toilet seats.

Aria and her new sprinkler head.

It's been hitting the upper 90s here in Southern Cali and hot summer days means water fun for Aria. I just got her a new sprinkler toy and she's in water-play heaven. She enjoys that toy more than her swimming lessons. I guess getting her head dunked in water is pretty traumatizing. I hope it all pays off and she'll learn to swim by next year.

Potty training is also in full swing at our house. She's doing pretty well. No more accidents so far but I don't think she's fully trained yet. I sure don't trust her to go all night without a diaper. I'm dreading the day when she will be potty trained because that means I got to let her use public toilets. I have a major phobia about dirty toilet seats and I know I'm going to get really anal about her ways of using a public toilet. Am I the only one who gets these wired thoughts?? I bought one of those folding travel potty seats so hopefully that'll my phobia. Ah, another thing to carry.


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