Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Father's Day Project

Father's Day is looming ahead and I've been working frantically on A.'s Father's Day project. Yes, I got him the usual store-bought stuff but I want to make him a gift that's special and will mean something to him. Like most guys, if A. wants something he'll just buy it. I know something personalized is better than the store bought stuff. We made a couple of school crafts that'll get wrapped up as well.
I've been getting Aria to pose for me and she's been a trooper. Sure was easier this year than last year. I've just finished it and it's currently printing at Walgreen's. Hopefully it'll be ready today. I'll keep you updated with pictures to come. Gotta love technology, I did it this morning in my pajama without stepping out the door.


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