Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, June 05, 2006

New pet

My little girl got a new pet today. It's a snail. It's not even her first snail. It's her second snail. The first one went to snail heaven after a few days of joining the family. We found this one on the school ground during free play. All the little kids surrounded the snail but only Aria was brave enough to pick it up. At the point of contact she knew she must make the snail hers. She asked me if she can take it home. I told her to ask her teacher for permission first. She ran off immediately and came back asking again. I doubt she asked the teacher. I said 'yes' and I went looking for a container to take the little guy home. Yes, it's a guy because Aria said it's a 'boy'. She named him Tippy.

Last time I checked, Tippy is still alive.


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