Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, June 09, 2006

Highlights from today

Aria and her teacher Valerie, discussing snails with the class.

Enjoying gyozas.

Daisy chair and Donald chair at the Disney store.

A. took the day off from work today because he had a soar throat. He said he could have gone in but he was feeling lazy and wanted a day off. Cool. I love having him around. We all went to class together. He was able to see how Aria interacted with Friday class kids. We brought snails to class for share time. They were a hit. After class we had sushi for lunch. Aria ate gyozas and some miso soup. Then we headed to the bookstore where we spent a good deal of time perusing the kid's bargain book section. I LOVE the bargain book section. Heck I love bargains. I always leave the bookstore with a bargain book. We then hit the Disney store and miraculously left without purchasing a thing. Aria played in the indoor playgroup with A. while I shopped. She got rewarded with a pretzel before heading home. It was a fun day. Wish A. could hang out with us everyday but someone's got to pay the bills.


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