Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Our Saturday Date Night

Soft chocolate ice cream cup

Tubbies ride

Carvel was having .34 cents soft cones or cups all day today and we decided to get some for dessert after dinner. Surprisingly, Aria asked for the cup instead of the cone. I thought for sure the cone was a shoe-in. She got a chocolate cup, A. got a vanilla cup and I (by mistake) got a vanilla cone. It took Aria a while but she finished the whole thing! I'm surprised because she hardly ever eats. I guess she's a chocoholic like her mama. After that we hit the Chuck E. Cheese next door. That place doesn't close until 11 PM!! Of course the crowd in there, by the time we arrived, were made up of teenagers. I guess teens need a place to hang too, even if it is a kiddy arcade. Aria didn't care. She just love to try out every machine. Best part is, I don't have to buy her a lot of tokens because she's entertained by all the lights and buttons. A. on the other hand,9 can go through $5.00 worth of tokens in 10 mins. Agh! Space it out, buddy. Swear, he's like a big kid. We stayed until closing time. Overall, everyone had a blast. A couple of hours later, Barney was playing on the t.v. and Aria came up to me and said that she "saw Barney at Chuck E. Cheese". She remembered! And I got the picture to prove it too.


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