Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thanksgiving weekend recap.

We had a very long Thanksgiving weekend with A. having 4 days off. Our weekend consisted of alot of eating and watching t.v. and more eating. Here's the recap:

We went to A.'s parents' house for Thanksgiving dinner. That went fine as usual.

We made ribs on Friday night and invited one of A.'s friends over.

We ate at a teppanyaki style restaurant on Saturday night and the grills with all the smoke and flames freaked Aria out. We also put the tree up.

I made my own turkey for dinner Sunday night. A.'s brother and the same friend from Friday's dinner came over.

Bella on the piano.

Aria playing with her grandparents' very expensive souvenirs from around the world. That's grandpa in the back.

A.'s sister-in-law is in the middle. That's her sister, her sister's hubby and their twin daughters. They're the one's who's house I house-sat for a while back.

Our tree is up.


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