Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Party in the park.

We attended Nikolaus's 3rd Birthday Party held at a local party after our visit to Lakeshore. It was an abnormally hot day for November but thankfully there were some shade for us to duck under. There were pizza and fried chicken. A. and Aria played in the playground area while I talked to friends. Everyone had a good time.

The theme of the party was Cars. Nikolaus is the one in red, getting ready to blow the candles.

Aria wanted one of those inflatable balls bad. A. got suckered into getting one for her. She got the pink lamb one.

Zoe and Aria. Zoe's in Aria's preschool class so they get along really well. Zoe's more outgoing and that's one trait that I want Aria to build one.


During the sack rack. She refused to do it by herself so A. had to help her along.

She got a ribbon for her efforts.


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