Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, November 16, 2006

So thankful...

I got a surprise call from a mom named Michelle this morning. She's a mom from the Co-op and she called me to vent about one of the moms currently attending the school. That mom is a friend of mine and has been mentioned in a previous post. Michelle wanted to vent to me about how my friend is taking advantage of the generosity of the other moms at the Co-op. I listened to her and talked to her about the situation for about an hour. She told me she felt better after talking to me even though the situation remains the same. She was glad to know that someone else sees her point of view. I told her that I understand her frustration and that was one reason that I've left the Co-op.
After I got of the phone with her I gave a big sigh of relief. I'm soooo glad that I took Aria out of that school and that I no longer have to deal with all that cattiness and the blatant disregard of rules. Co-ops only work if everyone is following the rules and willing to do their share.
Leaving the Co-op was one of the best decisions that A. and I made for Aria. I love Aria's new school and I can tell that Aria enjoys it also. It's operated by a wonderful director and all the teachers are very professional. I'm looking forward to a great school year for Aria.


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