Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pondering. (okay, more rant, sorry)

Once A. came home from work we dicussed the situation with Aria and her school. We both agreed that it was not right for the teacher to leave a toddler alone in a room just because the toddler wants to be left alone, especially for over an hour. Also she didn't even know that another toddler wondered into that room by himself and remained there with Aria. I got more and more mad thinking about it. How would any parent feel if she left her child in the care of a caregiver and that caregiver ignored and forgot about that child? It's just wrong. Now I'm kinda stuck into this situation where I don't feel good about leaving Aria at that school. She's not a routy or active kid so I'm not worried about her getting hurt when she's by herself, but I don't like her being left alone. Heck, she's safer being alone at home than at school. She know she's safe at home. Aria and I are newbies at that school so I don't know what to do. I don't want to cause a rift by saying something to this teacher. She is the only teacher at the school.
I think I'll give it some more time and if she's really not happy I'm just going to pull her out and put her in a regular preschool. No more of this co-op stuff. We don't mind spending the money, we just want Aria to be happy and be in good hands.
There are other problems that I'm mowing over with at the co-op. One of the newbie mother at the co-op (who's also a friend) is abusing the rules by coming in late on her workday and bring her infant child with her on her workday. I personally don't mind that she brings in her baby but it is blatantly stated in the rule book that a working mom cannot bring in other siblings to school when it's her workday. It hinders her from doing her job properly because she will be caring for her own child instead of the welfare of the enrolled students.
This rule is very important to me because I'm going to be in that situation come next April. I will have to either find a sitter on the day that I'm working. If she gets to bring her infant, I want to do the same.
This mom (who's a 'friend') has broken other rules by not turning her application in on time, by missing general meetings which are mandatory and by coming in to her workday late (45 mins late).
Her excuse to all this is that she has postpartum depression. Come on! her infant is 7 months old! Give me a break. She may be depress but don't blame it on postpartum depression. Hell, I'm depressed right now. My child was not treated right today.
Anyways, I've decided to keep my anger and unhappiness with this mom underwraps for now. I don't want to be a bitch especially since I'm new to the school. We'll see what will take place in the next couple of weeks.
I'm so thankful for A. He's the rational one while I'll just blow up with anger. He's been under alot of stress from work too. His company moved location and now his commute is even worst than before. He had deadlines to meet, sometimes he has to work from home (actually he's doing that right now). He's trying really hard to get a balance with work and time spent with Aria. I know he misses her alot, especially now that she's started preschool and the time that she goes down for the night is alot earlier. He only gets maybe 2 hours in the evening with her. He use to have 4 or 5 hours with her before she sleeps. He loves her so much and he's worried that he's going to miss out on seeing her grow.
I am so thankful for all that A. does to provide for our family. He works hard so that we have a nice home, material goods, so that Aria can go to preschool and that we can have a some nest egg to build one. Without him, we would be a mess. He makes alot of sacrafices with work and time just so we can all live comfortably.
I guess this is one of the main reason that I blog, so that A. can read about Aria's mundane everyday events and maybe feel like he's not missing out on too much. I'm sure to most people what I write about is pretty petty and boring but I'm not doing it for everyone, I'm blogging for A. and for Aria.
Good night, I've gotta go put Aria to bed (actually A.'s doing it right now, isn't he the best??) I hope I have happier things to blog about tomorrow.


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