Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, September 18, 2006

Recap of weekend.

We've had an extremely busy weekend. On Saturday, we attended a birthday party for a 3 years old boy at Playsource. I basically stole his birthday party idea for Aria's uncoming one. I love the facility because it's so clean and they have a jumper with a slide! Love that. The party lasted 2 hours and all the kids had a great time. We didn't feel like heading home right after the party so we walked around the building and we checked out the pets at Petco. Aria loves animals and could hang out there all day if she had her way. They were also holding a cat adoption fair inside Petco which meant it was that much harder to get Aria to leave the place. She really wants a kitten but in my current condition, I'm not up to the new challenges of owning a new cat. We ate at Fatburger's after the pet store. I love their chilli cheese fries. Sure hits the spot. We headed home afterwards for a nice nap.

That night we had dinner at Wood Ranch. I love that place. The portions are huge and I usually get greedy and order too much. That night I got their B.B.Q. combo of baby back ribs and tri-tip with a side of fries and fire roasted veggies. I was in heaven. Everything was so good. I really loved A.'s steak soup. It was sooo good. I'm a sucker for a great bowl of soup. A. ordered the fillet mignon. Yes, we are meat lovers. On Sunday, we got up really early to attend a members only event at the L.A. Zoo. They provided free cereal and milk too. I loved the event because majority of the time when we went exploring we were the only people around. It was such a treat not to have to deal with crowds and to be able to enjoy the sights and scenes at our own leisurely pace. We notice the difference when it was around 11 and they opened the zoo to the general public. There was a sudden wave of people shoving and pushing to pass us. Luckily we were pretty much down with our visit and were heading for the exit.

I took a nap as soon as we got home and we were out the door again for a 3 PM party at Chuck E. Cheese's. It was for a three years old girl named Valeria. I never liked Chuck E. Cheese's on the weekend and I find that birthday parties there are even more hellish. It was crowded and loud. It's just not the appropriate place to hold a 3 years old's party. The birthday girl was scared of the the mouse and the noise most of the time. I got a headache after a half an hour of play. Thankfully A. was there to watch Aria. She seemed to like the place. I must be getting old. I need naps and quiet time.

Aria with the birthday girl Valeria.

Aria with Cassidy.

We left around 5 and headed over to Soupplantation for dinner with A.'s uncle, aunt and their 22 years old daughter. We wanted to take them out to dinner for the longest time be we always end up fighting over the bill (their old school chinese who wants to pay all the time). We were sneaky enough where we finally ended up paying. Their daughter is extremely bright and well adjusted. She's going to attend Harvard Law but is taking the year off to become a fellow at at National Bank in Washington D.C. I admire how A.'s aunt was able to raise such a smart and kind daughter and I've joked with her many times to take Aria, raise her and bring her back when she's 17 so she can turn out just like her daughter Leslie.


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