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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Y

I know I haven't mention this but we joined the YMCA last Sat. because the place we usually go to swim was closed. We've been considering the Y for a while now and we caved on Sat. We were all lotioned up and ready to swim and were devastated to find the gate to to the outdoor pool chained up so we headed 10 mins west to the YMCA. Bummer, we knew this day would eventually happen because one can only swim in an outdoor pool for so many months before the temperature drops and were freezing our toosies off. The prices at the Y were not bad - $100 initial signup fee and $65 per month for the whole family. I wanted to sign Aria up for swimming ASAP but we missed the Sept. enrollment deadline by a week. I was able to sign her up for tap class.
Well today was her first time at tap. I knew going in that Aria will be the odd person out because she has never attended a dance class. I also don't know how well she'll listen to the teacher since she has very short attention span unless you were a T.V., then she'll pay attention to you for hours. Well it was alot worst that I thought it would be. She was sooooo out of place. The rest of the class (5 other little girls) were so in sync with the instructor and they followed her every command. I couldn't even get my little girl to join the group. I have to say it was very intimidating for Aria and for myself. I found that the mothers were all very snooty and stand-offish. The kids were the same way. They avoided Aria. I was so crushed and almost cried when I saw Aria approached one of the little girls and asked her what her name was and that little girl turned her head and ignored Aria. All Aria could do was to come to me and ask me why that little girl didn't say anything to her. I told her that the little girl didn't feel like talking right now but deep down I cringed because this is a scene that will be happen over and over to Aria while at school or the playgroups and I will not be there to tell her why certain kids are not friendly to her. It was so sad. All she wanted to do was make a friend and join in the fun but she couldn't do either because she don't know the routine and those little girls have already formed a click. I feel like I've held her back by not signing up for the Y earlier. Damn that teacher for not making more of an effort to include Aria either. She must not be a mom.
I decided to not bring Aria back next week but the nanny to one of the little girl was nice enough to approach me after class and to tell me to keep it up for Aria's sake. She told me that the little girl that she's taking care of has been attending those classes for a long time and that with practice, Aria will catch up too. I was so glad that she came over and talked to me. She made me feel so much better about the whole situation. I'm going to keep Aria in and I was able to sign her up for another class on Fridays. Hopefully with 2 dance classes, she'll get better at paying attention and will eventually have a good time in class. Wish us luck.


Blogger Jodie said...

That's so sad! I wanna be Aria's friend! :) Don't let them get to you,...Aria will be dancing circles around them in no time!

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