Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, September 01, 2006

More playdates.

It was a busy day today filled with playdates. I feel we been consumed with playdates this past week. I guess we're all trying to cram in as many as possible before school starts and most of my group of mommy friends in the area will be on different schedules.
Today, we attended two back-to-back playdates, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Aria was so pooped from the first one that she slept for a half an hour during the second one. She was so cranky when she woke up. The first group consisted of moms from my local mom's group. The second playdate was with my friend Aimee and her daughter Azaria. I think Aria had a better time at the first group because she played better with Julia, the daughter of the mommy who hosted. Aria was calling Julia to play with her. They loved running around the house. It was so cute.

Julia and Aria. Julia just turned 3 but she's a good 6" taller than Aria and her vocab is amazing. Aria's got alot of catching up to do. They were playing dress up with Julia's princess gowns.
Julia was mimicing Aria. First they used the toilet together, Aria on the big one while Julie used the kiddy one. Then they washed their hands together. So cute.
This is Kathleen and her 7 months old son Liam. She lives literally 3 blocks away from me which is so cool because we now go for morning walks together. She totally motivates me to get back into shape. Kathleen ran the Boston marathon a few years ago while I ran the L.A. one in 2000. Hopefully we'll be able to run together too. Running by yourself on the streets is no fun.


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