Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend recap.

We had a pretty long & mellow weekend, alot of relaxing since it's still pretty hot during the day. We did absolutely nothing on Saturday except for eating and crafts. Aria made me a clay man, clay duck and a clay bird. She loved rolling the dough flat with the little roller and she was very meticulous about the thickness of clay, evenness of clay etc. The girl can get a little anal at times.

'Can't you see I'm busy?'

On Sunday, we went to A.'s parents' house in the early evening. His brother, sister-in-law and the two nieces also showed up. We all headed out to a new Japanese restaurant nearby for dinner. The food was awesome. Too bad I forgot the name. I definitely want to go there again. It got Aria's approval too because she ate 3 whole shrimp tempuras. I've never seen her eat so much and with such gusto. Aria's a really picky eater so it was a surprise to see her eat 1 let alone 3 shrimp tempuras.

Aria's on her grandma's vibrating excercising machine. I guess it's suppose to jiggle the fat off.

Don't be fooled by this picture. She did not like the ice cream bar and right after this picture was taken, she said 'I don't like this.' and refused to take another bite. Her grandma ate the rest.

On Monday morning, we met up with A.'s brother, sister-in-law and the two nieces at a local hiking trail so the kids can play since they didn't get a chance last night. I thought we were meeting at a park so stupid-me had on flip-flops, not the best footwear for a hike. The kids really enjoyed the hike. Aria followed Bella around like a little puppy. She plays so much better with older kids. At one point, Bella captured a tiny lizard and Aria was brave enough to touch it.

We hiked for about an hour and decided to head home because of the heat. I was really suffering inside but I didn't complain once. Aria was a trooper she toughed it out until we were back in the car and the she let us know that she was not comfortable and she wanted home.

We had plans of attending a friend's (Kathleen from previous post) B.B.Q. today but she cancelled because of family reasons. A. and I decided to have our own B.B.Q. instead. We tried inviting people over but I guess everyone had plans because no one said 'yes'. It all worked out. We ended up not having to clean house. We grilled 2 types of pork, a slab of beef ribs, veggies, potatoes and shrimp. Everything was delicious and the best part is we had leftovers for tomorrow so I don't have to cook. Yeah!

This is Bella, the older niece and Aria's cousin. She's 5 and very adorable. She's holding a tiny lizard that she just found.

This is Layla, the younger niece. She's around 15 months old. Big girl but very cute.

Bella and Aria off exploring. Aria loves to follow Bella around. She had a great time with Bella today.

Aria found a dead beetle in the backyard today and was proudly showing it off. It was HUGE. I did not touch it.

Our dinner on the grill. One word - DELISH.


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