Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First day

Aria just finished her first day at her co-op preschool. I have to say that she did better than I thought she would even though I wasn't able to leave her there by herself. The hardest was the first 30-45 mins of school when they had free play and arts & craft. It was an unstructed block of time where Aria can pick what she wants to do. That gave her too much free time to look for me for guidance and when she didn't spot me she started crying. Once they switched activity and went into circle time she was fairing better. I think I could have left her than but decided to stay with her through her first day at preschool. Tomorrow's a different story. I plan on staying maybe for 15 mins. just to see her situated and then I'm outta there. Target here I come! (kidding, just kidding.)
Most of the moms on duty today were very nice and I was very relieved to see how all the children get along so well considering that there were 26 of them total. It's going to be interesting on the day that I will be working to see how Aria will react. I hope she doesn't cling onto me. Preschool, day #2 here we come.

Here's Aria looking lost and lonely. She didn't know where to begin.

Aria found her cubicle. It contained her lunch bag. Too bad it's all the way on the top roll and she's so short. She's going to need help getting her bag when I'm not around. I should bring an extra set of clothing for her just in case she has an accident.

Here's Aria having a meltdown when she thought I left.

Aria during circle time. She did her job and sat on a lettered mat and listened (for the most part).

Aria's doing the Pledge Of Allegiance. She actually kept her right hand over her heart.

During snacktime. They served pita bread, cheese, turkey and juice today.

Here's Aria outside making a painting. She painted me a white turtle.

A. came home tonight and asked her how her day at preschool went and this is what she said:

A.: how was school today, Aria?

Aria: I cried and cried and cried because Mommy was going to leave me.

Ahh... she said the sweetest things sometimes.


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