Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, September 11, 2006

New things.

It's 2:30 AM on a Monday morning right now and I can't seem to fall back to sleep. We all went to bed extra early at 10:06PM Sunday night so that Aria can be decently rested when she wakes up today at 8:30 AM for school. We were suppose to get her to go to sleep earlier all summer in anticipation of school for Fall but that fell through because we're night owls and Aria is no exception. I can't believe summer is over and school has started. My little girl will be starting her Co-op preschool on Tues., which runs through Friday and she's going to attend a Mommie & Me class on Mondays. Yeap, Aria will have class 5 days a week. That's not including 2 dance classes and swimming sprinkled throughout the week. I'm tired just thinking about it.
I don't know how she's going to cope the first week or so. She's never been left alone in a preschool setting before so that'll also be interested. A part of me is secretly looking forward to the mornings of free time that I'll get when she's away from me in preschool. Sounds selfish I know but I can't seem to get anything done since she's with me 24/7 and especially now when she sometimes skips naps. I just want a couple of hours alone to do chores, shop and get the ritualistic stuff like cooking out of the way so I can fully appreciate the time spent alone with her. I also want Aria to get more independent and let her personality grow, where she's not turning into a mini version of me because she's with me all the time.
Yet I worried about her when she's not with me. I worry about her making friends, whether kids are mean to her and bully her. I worry that she might be the lonely kid in school and not wanting to participate in group activities. I worry that she'll pick up bad habits from kids or that she'll get hurt because I'm not there to watch her. It's a big ball of unknowns right now. I do know that I'm putting her in a good school with a very understanding teacher. The other parents seems to be very devolted to the school and to striving for a great environment for their kids. Well, only time will tell how Aria does. In the meanwhile, I wish I can fall back to sleep. I've gotta get up 6 hours from now and start our Fall schedule.


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