Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


When did my little 34 month old girl turn into a mini teenager?!? She walks around with her arm folded, cross at me for something that I do not comprehend, saying "I don't like you anymore" or "it's not fair". What's the deal?? Am I raising a spoiled brat with attitude? I just don't get it. One moment she's as sweet as can be and then like a light switch, she'll flip and get mad at me. She'll remain mad at me for a long time too. Sometimes she'll go into her room and close the door. Augh. Why me... where's my baby girl?? She's mad at me right now and for the life of me, I don't know why. I'm just going to leave her alone.
She did badly in school today BTW. No, she didn't cry so the teacher did not call me. But she gave the teacher attitude and refused to have snack. Then she went and hid in the nursery and closed the door. She remained there until I picked her up from school (over an hour and a half). I expected to see her in circle time but she was in the nursery with another boy (Mark). He likes her so most likely he followed her in there and remained in there with her. Great. Now she's not participating with the rest of the class. I don't know how to deal with this and since I'm not there I don't know if the teacher is even actively trying to engage her in group activities. Aria is very strong willed. She needs alot of coaxing and motivating if she doesn't want to do something. I got a feeling that the teacher and the working parents there just don't give a crap if Aria gets involved or not. Well, I'm a working mom tomorrow and I'm going to make sure she gets involved in the group stuff. I pray that week 3 goes better than this week. This week sucks. I also took her to see her dentist today. She had her teeth cleaned and it was nonstop fighting and crying for 10 mins while it took place. I had to hold her down. She sure is a kicker. Ugh. We've got to do it again in 6 months.
Here's another thing that's been bugging me: Why can't I find any YooHoo on the shelf??? What's going on? Have they been recalled or something? I went to Walmart and Target today and the shelves are empty. What's the deal??? Why is there a shortage on the one time that Aria likes??? Today's a bad day. Sorry. I'm done ranting.

This is Mark. He follows her everywhere.


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