Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spoke too soon.

Not more than an hour into my Aria-free morning, I received a call from her teacher at the preschool telling me that Aria "has been crying and is now being held by a working mom". Agh... she was doing so well last week, I guess week 2 is going to be harder on her than week 1. I went to her school expecting her to be a total mess and found her cuddled up to a working mom. She wasn't crying but she was very relieved to see me. I asked her if she wanted to go home or to stay and she didn't reply so I decided to stay with her in preschool. She was fine afterwards. She even went and played and interacted with the other kids. I thought maybe she was still sick from her cold but I think she just misses me. We had a little talk in the car on the way home and I told her not to cry tomorrow when I leave her at preschool. She said no but then I told her that she will not be receiving a kitten if she does cry and then she said will not cry. Yes, I bribe my daughter. Hey, whatever works. A. better be making plans to get that kitten soon. He's thinking he'll get a kitten for Aria's birthday. I doubt that will happen.

During circle time today. Each child is suppose to sit on a lettered mat and listen to show-and-tell. From left to right: Isabelle, Kristen, Aria, Nickolas, Henry. Aria seems to really like Kristen. She was having little conversations with her during circle time.

During music time.

During goodbyes to the teacher. Can you spot her? She's always the last one to get up.

Aria enjoying some strawberry yogurt. She actually didn't like it very much but I thought I'll give it a try since all her classmates seem to love the stuff. She played with it for a long time, gagged on it after one big bite and that was the end of that.


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