Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


As you already know Aria wants a real kitten, bad. I've been using that as a bribe to get her to follow directions etc. Well she also want this. She saw the commercial for it on Nickelodeon and has been facinated with Strawberry Shortcake since. She even asked for me to read her her only Strawberry Shortcake book that we have in her bookshelf. I don't understand her facination with that character. I never had any interest in it when I was young. I always thought she was kinda weird with her over-sized head and I don't like being bombarded with a scent. Go figure. If she behaves at preschool and I don't have to pick her up early, I might get it for her. I wish she was into Hello Kitty instead. Yes, that's another big-headed character but Hello Kitty's so cute!


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