Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rough night.

It was an interested night last night. Even though Aria has her own room with a twin bed, Aria has been sleepin g with us in our queen size bed since she was six months old. It's been pretty uncomfortable for me lately because of my pregancy so I've been sleeping on the couch. I also don't want to get kicked unexpectedly by Aria in her sleep.
Well, last night I fell asleep with Aria in our queen sized bed and A. went back out to play some video games (that's his vice). I heard him come into the bedroom around 2 AM and was sudden blasted with the glare of the bathroom light. I'm thinking "what is he doing??" and he whispers to me that Aria has wet his side of the bed. It was a huge wet area. I was caught off guard because Aria usually doesn't go pee in the middle of the night and we usually slap a diaper on her before she goes to sleep as a precautionary measure. While I guess we forgot to put a diaper on her last night and she choose last night of all nights to go pee. Great. Her sweatshirt and sweatpants were drenched in pee as were the sheet and mattress. Aria kept on sleeping. A. undressed her and striped the sheets while I went looking for some clean clothes for Aria. She sat in bed, half asleep and said to A., "I'm tired." Well, she wasn't the only one.
I put her in her own bed but she ended up sleeping with A. in the guestroom. I ended up in my usual spot on the couch, in front of the t.v. It was a rough night.


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