Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick or Treatin'

Oh, I love Halloween. It's my favorite seasonal celebration. When can you find a time to score free chocolate?? I love how I can use my kid to score free candy for me. What a great holiday! Our Halloween went great. A.'s mom decide to come over to celebrate it with us. She arrived at 5 PM and A. came home early around 5:30 PM. It was just got dark and we heading out for Aria's third Trick or Treatin' excursion of her life. She was excited and had been practicing her 'Trick or Treat!" and her 'Thank You!" all afternoon. We convinced A.'s mom to come along instead of staying at our house to pass out candy. Aria wore her Tigger costume because it was getting a little chilly. We started down our house and walked around for an hour knocking on doors. Thankfully we brought our stroller because the little girl got tired from walking half way through. We even made it to my friend Kathleen's house and Kathleen and her hubby were able to meet A. and A.'s mom. We headed back home afterwards and got back around 7. There were tons of kids by then and we pretty much ran out of candy by the 8:30. I think Aria had more fun passing out candy than she did receiving candy. She was very generous and would grab two fistful of candy for each bag. I had to intervene because she was going way overboard with her generousity. She would leap up and run to the door whenever someone rang the bell. Too funny. I think this year's Halloween turned out great and we'll probably stick to the same schedule next year so Aria can do both trick or treatin' and the giving like this year.

This house down my street scared Aria silly. She did not want to walk up the walkway and A. had to carry her to the front door. Aria said 'the talking skeleton scared me'. Well skip this house next year for sure.

Here's another angle. They had fog, black light, and tons of tombstones. The owner dressed up also.

Walking, walking, walking...

"Let's ring the bell and get your bag ready."

"Surprise! It's Larry, Kathleen's cute hubby!"

"Hey, there's Kathleen and little Liam!" She just finished nursing him. Guess that's Liam's 'treat'.


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