Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Fieldtrip to the pumpkin patch.

Aria's preschool Co-op had a fieldtrip to Underwood Family Farms this Weds. and I tagged along. We both had an awesome time there. This is the third year in a roll that we've went there to hunt for pumpkins. We got to ride around the farm in a tractor-pulled wagon, we fed the animals bags and bags of baby carrots and Aria climbed tractors and played on wooden structures. Great fun. She's turning into a fun child. I don't have to worry about her every move as much as previous years because she can fend for herself better now. I did loose her for 5 mins while we went to wash our hands after feeding a pony. She disappeared on me and I swear I couldn't find her. She was wearing a royal blue Co-op t-shirt but so were tons of other kids. It made it so much harder for me to find her. Fortunately, she found me and told me she had wondered over to some tunnels. I kept better watch of her after that. We stayed there way after her preschool class left. I got really hungry and I had to bribe her with souvenirs from the country store just so I don't pass out from hunger. I gotta find a better way to drag her away from fun. Can't wait till next year for our annual pilgrimage to the pumpkin patch!

Right off the ride and straight into the pumpkin picking.

Reaching for a carrot.

She loved feeding the cow.

She's this tall.


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