Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Busy, busy.

Sorry, I haven't posted for awhile because I've been kinda busy, (don't know on what specifically, I've just been busy). I thought I'll post some pics since it's been so long.

Aria during share time. She brought a car with four animals. They are one of her favorite toys.

Aria wheeled it around the circle so all the kids can check out her toy.

Aria with a milk mustache.

I'm house-sitting for two weeks. The house belongs to sister-in-law's sister. She and her husband lives 5 blocks away from us so they asked us to go there daily to feed the dogs and to collect the mail. It's a cute house but boy is it tiny. It's two stories but is only 1,200 sq. ft. They have twin girls too. I personally need more room than that because I'm such a hoarder. They seem to manage just fine but things are going to get interesting own the twins start walking. They've expressed interest in moving once they're back from their trip to Brazil.

Their two doggies.

The living room.

The living room/dining room from another angle.

He's a cutie.Yes, I will take pictures if you ask me to house sit your house because I love to see how people decorate, but no I will not go through your drawers. I'm not that nosy!

There was a birthday party at Aria's school last Friday. The party was for Raheel. He turned 4 during the summer but still wanted to have a party so his parents had one during the school year. His parents brought pizza, juice, cake and noise makers. It was so fun. Raheel's such a cute kid. He has a wonderful personality. I'm going to miss that kid.

Aria enjoying birthday pizza.

The birthday boy with the school teacher.

She got some skeletons to decorate for Halloween.

Yesterday, on Sat. afternoon we hit our local street fair. I've been going every year now since we moved here. I love that it's so close to the house (one min. drive) and it gives you a really nice a small town community feel. They offered pony rides, food, car show, just your typical street fair. Best part is, it's not too crowded.

Reaching for the ketchup at the street fair.

In front of a Little Mermaid poster at a bus stop.

On Sat. night A. and I babysat Cassidy and her baby brother Michael. Their mother Alice have been discussing about babysitting each other's kids so that we can all have a free date night on Saturdays. She totally agrees and we been trying to find the right schedule. Well last night was their night and we're getting next Sat. as ours. Aria loves playing with Cassidy so my only concern was with Michael since Alice (their mother) mentioned that Michael is currently going through some separation anxieties. Well, everything turned out great. The kids all got along well and Michael was an angel. He didn't cry at all except when Cassidy ran him over with her body, besides that it was a piece of cake. I would totally do it again. I totally trust Alice and her husband with Aria so I thing this swapping thing will work.

Here's Michael.

Aria, Cassidy and Michael.


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