Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catching up.

Here's some pics that we took after dinner at The Bear Pit last weekend. The food was decent, large portions but I have to say I love Wood Ranch alot more. Yes, Wood Ranch cost a little more but the meat is so tender and flavorful. Awww.... I especially love their steak soup, so good. I have soup cravings. I swear I eat soup for almost every meal. I made split pea soup tonight for example. Anyhoo, Aria was really hamming it up for the camera. Too bad I took bad pictures and the battery was running low.

Here's a pic of Aria in her Monday Mommy & Me class. She was playing with shaving cream. She also just finished crying because she thought I was leaving her there. Silly rabbit, that's the other 3 days.

Here's Aria roaring like a lion.

This is a picture of Aria in her new Monday YMCA class - Wide World of Sports. She was actually having a good time. I was worried about this class because I was pretty intimidated by the title. Thankfully, the teacher was very cool and she dumbed down the class alot for the kids. They just played with hoolahoops, balls and jumped hurdles.

There were only 2 kids in the class - Aria and Kyle. The teacher is named Ashley. She totally made the class fun for Aria. Found out that she's studying Child Ed. currently in college. That totally helps.


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