Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


This is in regards to Aria's education. I've posted earlier about the incidence where Aria was left alone in a room for over an hour and she wasn't supervised. The teacher walked me into the room and we found Aria there along with another boy. I've been mulling over the whole thing and I actually went to another preschool to put her on the waiting list. We I went last Friday and the director was not in so I went again today after her co-op class. This school was my initial choice but I didn't get in because the waiting list was extremely long and there were only 5 spots opened. Well, they did some remodeling and turned their office into another classroom to accommodate their high demand. The director was really nice. I explained to her what happened to Aria and she told me that it was against the law to not supervise a child. I kinda knew deep down that it was but hearing it from the lips of a professional really made the point stick. The director told me that there were a couple of spots opened but she'll have to see because she has to hold certain spots open for Jan. for the kids that are currently in the mommy & me class. She said she'll call me tomorrow to let me know for sure but she thinks that she can get Aria in for October. That's a week away! I'm glad that she'll be in but now I have to deal with the co-op. If I enroll Aria in the new school, I'll have to break all ties with the co-op. I know alot of people are going to be mad at me for dropping out because I'm entrusted with the Fieldtrip responsibilities and I'm also a working mom on Thursdays.
The co-op general meeting is tomorrow night. The tuition fee for Oct. is also due that night. If I'm to put Aria in the new school I'm going to have to announce that Aria and I are dropping tomorrow night. I'm going to have to do some major talking with A. tonight about this but why should I delay the inevitable right? Aria is not happy at her current school. There is not enough supervision. Aria is clinglier than most and she needs that extra nudge from a caretaker that she's just not getting at her current school. I hope I don't make alot of enemies because of this. If only that incidence with Aria being left alone did not occur. I would not have looked for another preschool, but I just cannot let that incidence slip. What happen was wrong and when it happens to my child I have to do something about it.


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