Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, October 13, 2006


Aria went on her first fieldtrip today at her co-op preschool and I opted to go with her because I wanted to experience it with her. The destination was The William S. Hart Park and Museum. We've been there before, maybe a year and a half ago, so I knew what to expect. I brought alot some rabbit pellets to feed the animals. They had a whole feeding farm there with goats, sheeps, bunnies, pigs, cows, and so much more. It's a really great park because it's well shaded and not alot of people venture there. I personally hate crowds.
We ventured up the long path and actually did the tour for the museum. I was surprised by how much walking all the kids can tolerate, especially Aria. She always wants to be carried and today she mentioned that she was tired while we were on the long hike up but I wasn't allowed to pick her up and to carry her upon the teacher's orders. Aria was a true trooper and she did it all by herself.
The kids faired very well inside the museum. We even had time to squeeze in a quick lunch before heading back to the school. Overall, it was a fun and memorable trip.

My favorite, the bunnies! They were huge.

Aria feeding goats and sheeps.


Group picture. Aria's right up front.


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