Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pizza Party

We went to birthday party for a 2 years old boy yesterday. I met his mom through the local mom's club and has known each other for over a year now. I remember attending his birthday party last year and it didn't seem that long ago. Boy, time really flies. His party was held at family-friendly pizza place called Peter Piper Pizza. I've never been there before. It's similar to Chuck E. Cheese's but I have to say that I like Chuck E. Cheese's alot more. We were about 20 mins. late but to our surprise we were the first guest there. Even the hostess and the birthday boy had not arrived yet. She really has a major problem with being on time (she's worst than me!). We were her only guests for all most an hour. I started to feel bad for her. Luckily more guest started to show 2 hours after the party started. Aria and A. had a blast while I scarfed down food and socialized with other moms. We stayed for about 4 hours and headed home after the cake was served. I had 2 pieces and I'm blaming that on being preggie. Overall, it was a fun party and it gives me a good gadge on what not to do at Aria's party - have more than enough food and drinks for your guests, don't run out of cups, and don't be late to your own party.

Happy Early Halloweenie!

This is Julia. She's so cute. Love her outfit.

Aria with Zoe. A. loves Zoe because she's the only one of Aria's playmates that remembers his name and will say 'Hi, A.!' to him everytime she sees him.


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