Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Last day at The Co-op.

A Halloween Party was held on Aria's last day at the Co-op. I was so happy that Aria was able to share in the fun. She had a blast and totally understood the whole concept of Trick or Treatin'. Aria wore her UCLA cheerleading outfit for the event. School started with a stage show with each child doing a little catwalk in his or her costume. It was so cute. Then we had a little parade around the neighborhood. The kids would wave to passing cars and they would honk back.
The school had a rule of no candies as treats for the kids so the parents were told to bring in fun, no-edible treats instead. I brought sticky frogs found (where else??) at Target. All the doors around the school were numbered and each child had his own trick or treating bag that he decorated on a prior day. I was sooo much fun. All the kids would shout 'Trick 0r Treat' and then bum-rushed each door. All you see where midgets in coustumes shoving to get loot. None of the kids got hurt though and each child got a treat at each door regardless if he was first or last. Afterwards the kids were treated to a puppet show while some moms set up the tables for a nice buffet lunch. The food was delish! There was mac and cheese, pigs in a blanket, chili and tons of desert. I had seconds. After lunch the kids were sent outside to play while the adults set out to clean. The party was so much fun.
I'm going to miss this school's great parties and the arts and crafts most. I met some nice moms too but I doubt that we'll run into each other much. I still think I made the right decision in switching Aria to her new school. She'll learn more academically there and the class size is alot smaller. I think those are really important things to consider. Bye, Co-op, it was fun.

Mark and his little brother dressed as Pooh and Tiger. Aria has both of these costumes at home. I scored them at Costco for $5 each!

The cheerleader in the front of the stage is Aria. She had a hard time sitting down when it first started. Too much fun going on. The teacher is dressed as Cinderella.

Here's Aria getting on the stage.

Group picture.

Aria held Kristen's hand during the walk around the neighborhood.

The mad rush for treats at one of the doors.

Aria mellowing out in the sandpit after the party was over.


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