Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Busy Saturday.

We attended Monty's 3rd Birthday yesterday morning. I know Monty's mom from our local mom's club and our kids have literally grew up together. The party was held at her house and she hired an entertainer who arrived at noon. The guy was scary. He dressed as Mickey Mouse but didn't look or sound like him. Aria didn't like him much, neither did I. He was kinda creepy. The party lasted for 3 hours and we headed home afterwards.
We had dinner with A.'s family to celebrate A.'s mom's birthday which was on Thurs. We went to Hot Wok. I love that place because the food is very authentic. We were there just three weeks ago for my birthday. After dinner we let the kids run around outside the plaza. They ran around for a good 45 mins. I got some cute shots of them having fun. Overall, it was a fun day of birthday celebrations.

Monty, the birthday boy.

See the scary Mickey in the back? He had to have one hand on his mask at all times because the silly head while not stay on otherwise.

Cake time.

Remember Lisa and Nathan? Nathan will hopefully be Aria's future hubby. He is soo cute! I adore that little boy. His mom's very cool too. I miss hanging out with her. We're going to schedule some playdates for the near future so we will not loose touch.

Aria's playing with Grisella and a stuffed leopard. I don't know why she was so obessed with that thing. She played with it the majority of the time at the party. Grisella and her family is moving to Chile come this Dec. Her father found a job there that he is very passionate about. They're going to sell their house (which has been in the family for almost 30 years), most of their possessions and move there indefinitely. I personally think it's kind of selfish of him to do that to his family. They have no family or friends there and will have to learn a new language. Well, Sarah (the mom) said she knows some Spanish. Oh well, to each his own.

Playing in the outdoor courtyard.

Here's Aria, Bella and Layla giving each other hugs after dinner.

Little Layla.

Another Layla sandwich.

Playing Ring-Around-The-Rosie.


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