Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another fieldtrip.

We visited the Placerita Canyon Nature Center with Aria's Mommy & Me class. We've never been before and I was pleasantly surprised with the excusion. It was only a 15 mins. drive from the house but I felt like we were hours away in the mountains. The center provided us with an informative animal show. Aria was able to see a live alligator lizard, a falcon and an owl. The speaker taught us about the oak tree and its acorns and afterwards we went on a hike to look for oak trees and acorns. We were suppose to put the acorns back on the ground once we looked at them but not my Aria. She found 8 acorns and managed to stuff all 8 in to her front pockets. She said she was going to bring them home and share them with Bunnyboy.
After a short snack alot of the parents and their kids left. Aria and I decided to stay and explore the center some more. The place hand a cool display section and Aria found it a great local to run around in. There was no one supervising the place so we didn't get in trouble. We stayed for an additional hour and a half and decided to head home. We're definitely going back soon.

Alligator lizard.


An owl.

Playing with an acorn.

Don't worry, no harm came to the quail. It was stuffed.

Checking out displays with Daniel.


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