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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas recap.

We had a pretty mellow Christmas this year. It consisted of alot of eating and having a lovely time with the people we love most. We had a few dinners with A.'s family and had lunch with Alice and her family on Christmas day.
Boy did Aria get alot of gifts. My sister gave her (not excluding me and A.) tons of stuff. The bottom of our tree was so packed with gifts that it was pretty hard to maneuver around at times. Majority of the toys that Aria got are still in its box because she's so engrossed with playing with one or two new toys. I think I'm going to hide most of them and bring them out for her throughout the year. Aria received clothes, Littlest Pet Shop activity center, more Littlest Pet Shop animals, Leapfrog's My First Computer in pink, Barbie RV, geez the list goes on. A. gave me a Canon Photo Printer. I haven't used it yet but A. did. The printout looks great and A. said it's super easy. It's pretty shop to shop for A. so I just got him a few comic books, a Batman lego set, and clothes. Overall, we had a very Merry Christmas. Cheesy but it's true.

We made dumplings from scratch at A.'s grandmother's house. They were delish! Here's a picture of Aria's grandparents. They're old pros at making dumplings.

Aria got to make one too, without the fillings.

This is Aria's favorite present. My sister gave her a build-a-bear machine (after I told her not to) .

This is one of the presents that I got Aria and I thought it'll be a hit. I was wrong. It's still sitting here unopened. Ariel's head is bigger than Aria's.

We had lunch with Alice and her family at Marie Callendar's. It was the only place that was open on Christmas day. We gave Cassidy a Belle baby doll. I have no clue what they're laughing at.


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