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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Weekend update.

We had a busy weekend a few days ago. On Saturday, we started off with the monthly Home Depot Kids' workshop where Aria (well it was really A.) made a little serving tray. Very cute. They we swinged by a leather store to pick up a couple of YMCA vests for A. and Aria now that they're in a 'tribe' - dad & kids group. Those suckers were expensive! His was almost $60 and hers was $25. Hopefully, they'll stick with that Y program for the next 4 or 5 years. They also picked up some real water buffalo teeths to use as decorations for the vest. Kinda gross when you know they're real teeth but they are kinda pretty. Aria also picked out a real rabbit skinned fur. I don't think she totally understands how the fur came about, she thinks that the fur was shaved off the rabbit rather than the fatal truth. She's too young to handle that truth. The fur is currently being used as a cape.

After that we went to our usual YMCA craft class and then right to the mall. We decided to cave and let Aria get a Build-A-Bear. I usually avoid that store when we hit the mall because I know she would love the idea of making her out bear but I always thought she was too young and might not remember the experience. Now that she's older, I decided that to finally let her make one. I took her there on a weekday just to let her see the options but I told her that she can only do it when daddy was around because I want to make it a family experience. She took that with stride and left the store empty-handed. Then all you would hear around the house leading up to the actual day was, 'Is daddy staying home today? I want daddy to stay home so we can go to Build-A-Bear." or "Daddy, please stay home so we can go to Build-A-Bear."

The Build-A-Bear experience was fun but I wish we could have done it on a weekday when it was less crowded. Aria ended up picking a bunny instead of the poodle that she had wanted when we went to scope out the place. Of course she picked out the mermaid outfit and a Hello Kitty outfit for her bear. She also picked up some red sparkling Wizard of Oz - Dorothy shoes for her bunny. She named her new bunny Peachy Pie. Have to say the whole experience was very fun (and expensive). We might make this an annual thing and let her make a new friend every Christmas.

Checking out the leather store. You can see the rabbit fur in her hand.

Welcome to Build-A-Bear.

Hmmm... I think I want her.

Don't forget her heart.

Giving Peaching Pie a good bath.

She's clean!

Dressing Peachy Pie in her new mermaid costume.

Peachy Pie is dressed.

Entering Peachy Pie's info so that she can get a birth certificate.

One Sunday, we went to a new church. I came highly recommended from my friend Maggie. I've been wanting to go to church on a regular basis because I'm seeking the sense of community and the friendship that our family can make there. The sermon was nice and the regular attendees were okay. I was worried that Aria might not like Bible study but she did well and said that she enjoyed it. We're definitely going back now. After church, we headed over to our local park where Aria and A. met up with their YMCA group to participate in our neighborhood Christmas parade. We've seen the parade for the past 3 years now but this is the first time that Aria is going to take part in it. I drove down to the end of the parade so that I can give them a lift back. I met them halfway on the parade route and finished the walk with them. We didn't know that we were suppose to bring a wagon so I was very proud of Aria because she actually walked part of it without complaining about having to be carried.

Here's Aria's group.

This is the way that Aria waves to the crowd. Check out the new vests. A. assembled them himself with beads and water buffalo teeth.

A. and Aria walking the parade route.

We ran into Santa during the parade.


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