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Friday, November 23, 2007

Another Skirball Friday.

Last Friday, (no, no, the one before Black Friday) I arranged to take another mommy (Nicole) and her daughter (Kara Lila) to Skirball. I met them in my Mommy & Me class and invited them when she approached me with a question about Skirball. It's so much easier to show someone the Noah's Ark exhibit than to try to explain it. Too complex.
We stayed a couple of hours and left content as usual.
What do you see when you look in the belly of this bear?


The scene of another polar bear! Too cute!

It's a puppet of a Japanese fox.

One of the camels that'll great you at the entrance of the Ark.

Parking structure wall.

The high point and the low point of this visit for me was when I saw Wil Ferrell. I'm usually not one to be star-struck, but he's one of my favorite comedian. I willed myself to approach him and talk to him. He was very reserved but did respond that "yes, he was Wil Ferrell" and "no he will not take a picture with me". : (
So I snuck in a picture of him when he wasn't looking.

There's Wil Ferrell!


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