Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween continued.

Halloween night was filled with activities. Based on a Maggie's suggestion, we went to a free Halloween Carnival held at her church. We were pleasantly surprised with the event. They offered so much stuff to do. They offered carnival games (prizes were pieces of candy), jumpers, bumper car rides (Aria was too young to ride them), magic shows (very boring and long, we're going to skip that next year), and a room filled with balloons (Aria refused to go in because of her fear of popping balloons). We stayed way too long and by the time we go home it was almost too late to go trick-or-treating. Even though it was pass 9 PM we still headed out for more fun. Aria can't miss the trick-or-treatin'. We did a couple of blocks and were rejected at a few houses but we came home with alot of candy. I didn't pass out one single piece of candy this year because we were so busy. A. too alot of it to his work but we saved some for home. I'm going to have to jog more to work it all off.

This is Aria's costume for her afternoon Kindergarten Prep. class.

She loved this game. She swinged the string over, waited a few seconds and yanked back the ple and it came attached with a piece of candy.

She tried soccer. Didn't do very well but still got a piece of treat.

Waiting in line. She's wearing her Ariel wedding dress.

I think this is her favorite game - put the colored ball in its corresponding slot.


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