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Monday, October 15, 2007

Another year older.

My birthday is today. I am creeping ever so closer to the big 40. I had a pretty peaceful day today. I receive a few phone calls from friends and A.'s mother congratuating me on my special day. My only earrand was to take Aria to the YMCA for 2 classes. The highlight of my day was when Aria went and presented me with a birthday gift. She took her Easter basket that she won earlier this year and gave it to me. We never gotten around to opening it till today. She was so sweet. We patiently opened the bag and examined every box of candy. She said she know that I love candy and she wants to share it with me. She's so sweet.

She has been mentioning that I was to get an ice maker for my birthday. What??? I have no idea why she thinks I would want that. I told her that I don't want an ice maker. I guess the news got back to A. because I asked her if that's what I got and she said "no". "Daddy said no to getting you an ice maker." Next year, I'm just going to tell her what I want and have it 'accidentally' leaked to A.

She hinted that she and A. were going to give me another gift later. I drilled her about what it was and she said she can't tell me. She did tell me that I was to receive a Cinderella card. When A. came home from work, A. presented me with my Birthday gift. He got me a GPS. The only reason why Aria didn't tell me what I was getting was because she didn't know what a GPS was. If she had known she would have snicked.

Aria decided that I needed a birthday cake and a pinata. Since I had neither, she decided to make me a cake and set up a mock pinata. The cake was made from chocolate ice cream, pieces of chocolate bar and cookies. She wanted candles for me but she said she couldn't because "I can not touch matches or I'll burn". Funny girl. I loved how she kept on calling me 'Birthday Girl' and how considerate she was to me. This is one of the best birthdays ever.

Here's my birthday cake that Aria made for me.


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Happy Birthday!! :o)

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