Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another weekend.

We had an interesting weekend. Saturday was crammed with tons of activites. First we went to the Home Depot Kids' Workshop. Aria (with tons of help from A.) made a fire truck. The cool part was the local fire dept. came by with two of their fire trucks and hung out with the general public. We had an oppurtunity to check out the fire trucks up close. Afterwards we headed over to our usual YMCA arts & craft class. We made scarecrows. After that we rushed over a street fair held in my neighborhood. Great thing about this fair is that the sense of community that I get from it. We checked out the vintage cars on display and Aria had the chance to ride on a pony and do even more arts & craft at the YMCA booth there. I was all crafted out after that.

After the fair, I drove dropped A. off at the airport for his weekend excursion to Vegas. He does an annual trip there with his buddies from school to gamble, drink and do guy things. He came back on Monday. I didn't ask him too much about his vacation. I figure what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Just glad he's back.

She actually enjoyed it! She refused to ride a pony up until she was over 3.

We ran into Morgan from our YMCA classes.

We also ran into Dakota. They decided to have a little talk on the sidewalk.

Look at the paint job under the hood.

Showing off a craft project.


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