Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, September 24, 2007


Skirball is becoming our regular Friday event. I took Aria to Skirball last Friday and I invited a new friend and her 2 children along. Her name is Jasmine and she has a 3 years old daughter named Vivian and a 15 months old boy named Alex. Ideally, I would like Aria and Vivian to play well together so that Jasmine and I can talk and watch baby Alex. Well, realistically, Aria loathes Vivian and doesn't want to have anything to do with her. This spurs Vivian on and makes her want to bug Aria even more. Vivian would insist that Aria hold her hand while walking. Aria would shake her off and walk on with her head up in the ear. Then Vivian would cry and complain to Jasmine about Aria, etc. Augh.... I got a headache after the 3rd time that this happened and decided to make some space between them. Secretly, I was glad that Aria refused to touch Viv's hands because Viv's a nose picker (and sometimes a finger licker, yuck). I would like Aria to make more friends regardless if they're younger than her or smaller than her. To cap off a bad day, Aria accidentally shoved Vivian resulting in Vivian falling and one of her pink Croc flying off her foot. There was alot of screaming from Vivian after that. I put Aria into time out and made her apologize. I am so sadden by the fact that Jasmine and my friendship is stunted because our kids can't play together well. She also commented on it so I guess we will not be having anymore playgroups together. I met Jasmine in one of Aria's YMCA class so we'll still see each other weekly but I got a feeling that we're not going to meet up outside of the Y anymore.

Forgot to mention that Aria had a play date right before the Skirball visit and that went great. We were at Julia's house and Julia and Aria had tons of fun doing dress up. Wish she was friendly with Vivian too.

This is Vivian, Aria's 'nemesis'.


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