Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, August 31, 2007


We went to Zuma Beach last weekend with a couple I met through Aria's school. Their daughter Alicia was in Aria's class last year. They play well together but their friendship is no way as close as Aria's friendship with Cassidy. Aria and Alicia will not be in the same class next year but I hope to keep having play dates with her and her mommy because they're really nice peeps.
Zuma was wonderful, so much cooler than where we live. We had a good time eating, lounging, and playing in the sand. Aria even got to fly a kite. It stayed up really well. I hope this isn't our last visit to the beach for this summer.

Sand time.

More sand time. She likes to get her legs buried in sand and pretend that it's a mermaid's tail.

Flying a kite.

Meet Maggie, Tony and Alicia. They also have a baby boy named Ilan. He's not in this picture.

Here's Ilan. He's been eating sand. Gross.


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