Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, October 12, 2007


Aria has been sick for the last couple of days. She even missed school yesterday. Unfortunately, I had to go to her school for a parents/teacher meeting so I had to bring her with me. Yesterday her temperature topped 101.9 and she has lost her voice. Today, her temperature is better but she still refuses to talk and has been making clicking sounds with her mouth to communicate with me - 1 click for 'no' and 2 for 'yes'.

I had made plans to go to a local pumpkin patch farm with Maggie and her children. I didn't want to flake on Maggie and since Aria's temperature was back to normal I decided to take her. Aria was definitely not her normal self. She was more sluggish and wanted me to carry her more. I didn't mind. One day soon, she'll be too heavy for me to carry. I'm going to cherish these days where I can carry and snuggle with her for as long as possible.

The farm was pretty small and we found out once we got there that all the fun stuffs like the hay ride, mazes, jumper were not open to the public until 2 pm. They reserved the mornings for school groups etc. We walked around for a bit, picked up some pumpkins and went to pick up lunch. I met up with Maggie again at a local park where we ate our lunches and let the kids play. Aria mustered up enough energy to eat an entire turkey and cheese sandwich from Arby's. Yum... Arby's...

After lunch I took Aria to get her 6 months checkup at the dentist. Yeah, no cavities but I have to brush her gum lines better because they bleed easily. The dentist gave me so bad news though. She might need to have jaw expander later on because her teeth are so compacted. I instantly got an image of the young Willie Wonka's contraption from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. My poor kid's going to look like a freak. The dentist told me otherwise and that the expander is not visible. I looked it up once I got home and was slightly relieved from what I read online. Still Aria's going to have to go through alot for straight teeth. Poor kid.

Alicia and Aria.

She's not her usual self. She still feeling sluggish and refused to smile.

Aria picking a pumpkin. I told her to put it back because it was so pricey.

She's actually smiling here.

Check out the cute piglets. They were so friendly. They came right up to the fence, oinked and asked to be petted.

Feeding a goat.

I stuck her on a tractor.

Alicia and Aria. Aria stuck a pumpkin in her jacket and you can see it if you look closely.

We ended up buying these two little pumpkins. The bigger ones were pretty expensive. I'm going to get my big ones from the grocery store instead.

Enjoying the swings.


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