Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, October 29, 2007

Candy galore.

We went to another Halloween Festival last Sunday. Aria's school and the church that it's situated on held a Truck-n-Treat event in the parking lot in the late afternoon. Aria wore her Dorothy costume and carried a big bag. I was fun to see some of her teachers getting involved in the festival by decorating their cars and even donning a costume. We rean into a couple of Aria's classmates also. She was very brave and didn't hesitate to go up to each car and ask the owners for candy. We ended up with so much candy. I'm going to be consuming chocolate candy for awhile. I'm not complaining.
After we got home, A. decided to carve up the larger of the 4 pumpkins that we have this year. He picked a subject close to his heart - Batman. It turned out pretty good too. According to A. there will be more carved pumpkins to come.

We ran into Alicia.

Helping herself to more sugar.

Here's Teacher Debbie, one of Aria's teachers.

Aria with Debbie, the director of her preschool.

Picture of her having fun, getting free candy.

We ran into Zoe (devil girl) and Dakota (another Dorothy).

Aria really liked this girl's costume. Her mom made it from foam and fabric. Very impressive.

Here's some cute decorations. I want that masked bear.

The end result.


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