Wonders of Raising Aria

Friday, October 19, 2007

Another Skirball Friday.

Yipe, we hit Skirball today. This time it was with Maggie and her daughter Alicia and son Ilan. I think everyone had a good time, at least that's what Maggie told me. Aria and Alicia played well together as usual. I was their cheerleader/mediator at times. At one point poop jokes were exchanges, so at least the kids had their laughs.

Some serious arts & crafts taking place. Check out Aria's cutting technique - hmmm.

This is the start of the poop poop jokes.

I forget why their hands were raised. Something to do with poop.

Aria got a chance to hold Ilan while Maggie and Alicia went to the restrooms. She did pretty well, didn't drop the baby once.

At the archaeological dig. The girls were able to find 'ancient' pottery.


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