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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Harvest Festival.

Our local YMCA held a Harvest Festival today from 3 PM till 6 PM. We got there 15 mins. before 3 to attend our first ever Shasta Tribe of YMCA. The concept is similar to MOMS Group except this group involves mainly dads and their off springs. The tribe meets once a month at someone's home and do one monthly activity locally - ie: participating in the local Christmas parade or attending today's YMCA Harvest Festival. We were able to take a group picture, receive patches and pick a pumpkin before attending the festival. I met some really nice parents and I hope that participation in this group will lead to some good friendships for myself and for Aria.

The Harvest Festival was awesome. The Y sure knows how to make partying fun for everyone, especially the little kids. They had various tables with games like horseshoe toss, ring toss, hunt for the golden chocolate bar, and treasure hunt. They also offered a pet petting area, relay races, face painting, trunk-n-treat and even pony rides. There were so much candy handed out. If you tried a game you'll get a piece of candy even if you don't win. I love that idea. Granted we got tons of candy now but Aria's self esteem went up the roof. I also got a great sense of community from the whole event.

Cassidy, Michael and their father Alain made a surprise appearance so we were able to hang out with them through the whole event. Cassidy came as a bride, Aria was a mermaid and Michael refused to wear a costume. I mainly took care of Michael, while the guys took care of the girls. I love the fact that Michael feels safe with me and will allow me to carry him and take care of him. He doesn't do that for alot of people.

Unfortunately, the event was cut short due to some light sprinkling. We left tired but very happy. I secretly laughed with gleam at all the chocolate that I get to steal from Aria's candy bag.

Here's a picture of all the kids from all the tribes of YMCA.

Aria petted a rat.

OMG, we ran into Teacher Jen, Aria's first teacher at the Y. She's moved on to better things but still remembers us.

During a tossing game. She missed but still got candy. Score!

We ran into Bat Girl during the Trunk-n-Treat event.

Here's Teacher Whitney. She teaches Aria beginning ballet and jazz.

The mermaids. That's Teacher Dion and her 2 daughters. Teacher Dion taught Aria Creative Moment. She's a great teacher but had to take a leave of absence because she found out that she had breast cancer and had to get a mastectomy. She's still not strong enough to come back to teach. I really miss her but glad to see that she's doing better.

Look it's Cat in The Hat! She even got the fish in the bowl.

I don't know what she's doing.

Those crazy girls.

On the pony ride. Both Cassidy and Aria took good care of Michael and made sure that he didn't fall out.

At the small animal table, checking out the rat.


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