Wonders of Raising Aria

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

School parade.

Happy Halloween!! Have to say, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love that Aria is older now and can appreciate and participate in all the fun. Aria's school held a Halloween Parade yesterday and today. Aria went as a Mermaid yesterday and Snow White today. Kids from all classes walked around the school yard showing off their costumes. They they went inside the church to perform five songs. Afterwards they went and trick-or-treated in a couple of rooms. The church part was hilarious to me. Parents were mobbing the stage to take pictures, flashes from cameras going off everywhere. It felt more like the Oscars than a kids' recital. After awhile, I gave up the fight for any spot even remotely close to the front. I sat in the back and enjoyed the show.

Yesterday's costume - Little Mermaid.

Here's Aria in the parade.

Check out this teacher's costume.

Where's Aria?

Today's costume - Snow White.

Elise also dressed up as Snow White.

Here's Aria leading today's parade.

Where's Aria???


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