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Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving weekend 2007.

We went to A.'s brother for Thanksgiving dinner and brought along 2 pies from Marie Callender's for dessert. I was still suffering from a stomach flu so I wasn't 100% in the chowing department. The food was good. Julie (sister-in-law) made all the traditional grubs. There was a turkey, creamed spinach, mixed veggies, mash potatoes, gravy and bread. We ate and played and then headed home.

Bella in front of her tree.

At the kiddy table. They were hungry.

Friday morning, I headed over to Target at 6AM to partake of the sales. I didn't score too much except an air hockey table. Yes, I'm crazy. We live in a small house and we lack the space but I've always wanted one ever since I was little because my cousin had one and he wasn't very good at sharing. I shopped with Alice so that made the whole event fun. After Target we headed over to the mall and hit The Disney Store, Macy's, JcPenney's and a few others. Overall, I got some great deals but I'm no where near down with my holiday shopping.
Guess what movie we saw this weekend??

It was great! We saw it with Alice and Cassidy and the kids understood the whole movie without any 'whys'. I highly recommend it. We had another Thanksgiving dinner but this time at my house. I cooked my turkey on Sunday night and had A.'s parents over. I also made mash potatoes, asparagus, stuffing, sausages. A.'s mother brought over chinese style sweet rice, my favorite! I want to learn how to make it but she said I need an electric rice cooker - which I don't owe, so I guess I can only enjoy it during the holidays when she makes it.


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