Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, December 10, 2007

Back to college.

We went to a Choices fair held at UCLA last Saturday. The fair was to give the general public information on the magnet schools that are accessible within our school district. It was good to be back on campus and to see how much things have changed. I couldn't help but feel old though with all the young students walking around. Aria had a blast on campus. After the fair, A. took her to the arcade and they hung out there for an hour while I went to the student store. We had lunch and then we walked around to tcheck out the campus. It was really chilly but we wanted pictures of Aria on some of the famous campus landmarks. We would love to have Aria attend UCLA when she's older and it'll be so cool to have pictures of her when she's young next to the Bruin Bear. Let's hope she gets admitted in! Oh, the pressure...

The famous mascot.

At Royce Hall.


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