Wonders of Raising Aria

Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy Weekend.

We had a wonderful and busy weekend. My sister flew in on Friday for a weekend visit. It was so much fun having her around. Besides being a great sister she's a wonderful aunt/babysitter to Aria. I really appreciated her visit too because I was not feeling all that great physically this weekend (long story short, this preganacy is kicking my ass). Just having her around meant that I didn't have to chase after or carry Aria all weekend. We also did alot of eating - Souplantation, dim sum, pho, Chinese food, & Mexican food throughout the weekend.
Saturday was our most active day of the weekend. We hit Target in the morning. I wish we live closer together because I have a great time going shopping with her. She's a Target fan too! After Target we took Aria to her scheduled YMCA classes. Here's a picture of a snowman that she made in her craft class.

It's a snowman!

Picture from lunch. Aria with her Auntie.
The main event for Saturday was The Felt Club. Felt Club is held every month but the one on Saturday was a larger one than usual because of the Christmas shopping season. We got there around 3 PM and we were able to convince A. to come along. We weren't there for very long but we did not leave the place empty-handed. My sis and I both picked up t-shirts and Aria got an ice cream sandwich made by the famous Heidi. I was too shy to talk to her but I'm a big fan of her site.

Here's Aria showing off her ice cream sandwich.

Inside picture of The Felt Club.

Two very happy customers - my sis and Aria.


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