Wonders of Raising Aria

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dim Sum

We had dim sum for lunch after we picked Aria up from school last Thurs. The place we went to actually had ladies pushing the carts vs. having us order from a menu. I usually like the cart experience better because it's more authentic. Aria demanded for one thing only - custard tarts. Those are her favorite. Unfortunately, there was a mishap in the kitchen and the custard tarts weren't ready until the very end of our meal and all throughout lunch all we heard from Aria was "I want my custard tarts, I want my custard tarts.." We were able to make her eat other things but she was not a satified customer until she ate her custard tarts. Totally tally of custard tarts that Aria ate for the day was 6. Granted she ate 4 of those at home but she still ate 6, in one day. I've gotta learn how to make them.


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