Wonders of Raising Aria

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Magic wand.

I love my local 99 Cents store. Yes, I easily admit that I go there on a weekly basis. I've been going more often because on my previous visits, I've been about to find some really great hardcover children's books. Last week I found 12. Score! These books retail for $8.00 - $ 15.00. Aria's got a pretty rockin' library right now (I'm going to post pictures of her room soon). Can't wait till she can read them (that's a whole other story). Well today's visit to the 99 Cents store was pretty uneventful for children's books but I did pick up a pink Valentines wand for Aria. She loves it! We played 'Fairy Godmother'. She was the fairy and I was the monster that gets transformed back into 'mom' thanks to her trusty magic wand. Here's some cute pictures of her and her wand.


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