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Saturday, July 08, 2006


We just came back from a kiddy birthday party and I have to get this off my chest. I wasn't even really stressing from it until now when another mom called me about it. See, it was a party for one of Aria's favorite playmates. She turned 3. The party offered a kiddy pool, sprinklers and basically alot of water stuff. Aria had a great time except for this one moment when this boy (who's 2 but looks like he's 4) grabbed Aria and held her down in the water, I mean her whole body, including her whole head. I'm a bad mom for not being right there but I did see her being held underwater and I rushed over to stop him. The boy's father was right next to him but I guess he wasn't paying attention until I screamed Aria's name. I dragged Aria out of the pool and she was crying. The father dragged his son out and sat him on a chair. He did not punish him in any way. He just talking to his son calmly. I didn't confront the boy or his parents but the incident made me mad. When I got home I got a call from a mother who witnessed the incident and she basically told me to be more active and confront the parents. She said she was going to bring the incident up at our local mom's club and get everyone's consensus to warn the mom or to get her kicked out of the club.
Aiyah, I don't want that. I don't want to cause problems. I hate being put in a situation like this. Granted Aria could have drowned or be brain damaged, I just don't want to cause someone to be kicked out of a club. I guess I'm too passive. The mom who called said that she'll do the confronting but I just don't know. Hey, I'm a bad mom too for not being more careful. That boy has caused problems before. What to do....


Blogger vietnamesa said...

i think it's none of her business but that's just me! You learn from your mistakes, you don't let others teach you how!

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