Wonders of Raising Aria

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's a miracle, the camera is back to normal. I'm so happy that we will not have to invest in a new camera and I will not have to learn to operate a totally new gadget.
Here's another small miracle that happened: I'm usually not the type to loose things. I might misplace things but I usually will locate the missing item. I've only lost one thing last year that really struck home and that was my set of keys. Well today of all days, it happened again. I lost my set of keys. I looked everywhere and I couldn't locate them. I was late and I was tired. My heart ached from thinking of what I will have to do if I did not located them; I'll have to change the house locks again, get duplicates made, get new grocery store membership cards to attach to my keychain. Then I remember an odd moment today on our way to the beach (that's a whole different entry that'll come later). A. was driving and I remember the car running over something that sounded like branches not too far from the house after a big left turn. I decided to walk down the same street to see if I can located them. The time by now was around midnight. A. told me that I was crazy to do it but he didn't stop me because I'm stubborn and when I want to do something, I'll do it. Well miracles of miracles, I found my set of keys, in the dark, on the street a block and a half from my house, right after the sharp left hand turn. The hard plastic on one of the keys was broken but besides that, everything looked fine. I'm soooo happy and relieved. I'm going to have a great night sleep.


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